Whispers In The Dark

Whispers In The Dark
  • Whispers In The Dark

Whispers In The Dark

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And though the legendary markswoman inhabits a man's perilous world, Rafe intends to win her trust and love by treating her like a real woman.MAN OF THE MONTH THE BLACK WATCH Men and women sworn to live and love by a code of honor.

But Rafe, who has never truly needed anyone, needs Valentina O'Hara

JULYHis Name Rafe CourtenayHis Challenge To rescue a kidnapped childHis Accomplice Beguiling Valentina O'HaraTheir Destination A remote canyon where danger will merge with desireWhen Rafe Courtenay is on a mission, nothing stands in his way

Not a tempting female whose tormented nightmares shatter the still desert nights

Not scorching heat and rugged terrain

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